Pioneering Women of Science: Marie Curie

Pioneering Women of Science 1903 Nobel Prize Portrait  Marie Curie: Physics, Chemistry and Medical Research Marie Curie, a name synonymous with groundbreaking scientific discovery, stands as an iconic figure in the history of science. Her indomitable spirit, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and groundbreaking research have left an indelible mark on the world of physics, chemistry,…

Featured Image for Census qPCR Actionable Data for Evaluating MNA Case Study

CENSUS® qPCR: Actionable Data for Evaluating MNA

• A petroleum pipeline release in a remote area had gone undiscovered for a number of years and groundwater was impacted with BTEX. Groundwater monitoring results suggested that BTEX concentrations were decreasing although results were variable.

• Trends in decreasing BTEX concentrations were validated as biological in origin supporting an MNA management strategy and avoiding the greater costs of enhanced remediation.