Microbial Insights invites you to sign up for one of our featured webinars. The professional webinars are typically hosted by one or more of our highly qualified staff and/or in conjunction with other industry related leaders. These presentations and discussions focus on a range of topics and place emphasis on application of the latest advances in diagnostic tools within the remediation industry. At these events you will likely find useful and practical information on almost all contaminants including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Below are links to register for upcoming webinars or to review past recorded webinars.  In order to review the past webinars, you will need QuickTime or another media player compatible for .mov files.

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Past Webinar
25 Years of Bio-Trap®

Dr. Kerry L. Sublette


University of Tulsa

Past Webinar
Are Biodegradables a Solution to Agriculture’s Plastic Problem?

Dr. Jennifer DeBruyn


University of Tennessee Knoxville

Past Webinar
The Sentinel™ Integrative Passive Sampler for PFAS Measurement in Water

Dr. Craig Divine

Senior Vice President


Past Webinar
Assessment of MNA as a Remedy For Toxins Released in The East Palestine, OH Train Derailment Accident

Frank Loeffler

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of Tennessee

Dr. Gao Chen

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of Tennessee

Past Webinar
What Lies Ahead – Putting MI in Your Pocket

Dora Taggart

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sam Rosolina

Vice President of Applied Innovation

Past Webinar
Understanding BioGeoChemical Conditions for Effective Removal of Soluble Heavy Metals and Degradation of Chlorinated VOCs:

Dr. Alan Seech

Senior Manager of Technology Applications

Evonik Corporation

Dora Taggart

Microbial Insights

Past Webinar
Measuring Field Rates of Chlorinated Solvent Degradation by Respirometry Using Carbon Dioxide Traps

Dr. Julio Zimbron

Founder of


Past Webinar
Novel electron donor development: Supporting evidence through genomics and metabolomics.

Dr. Paul Erickson

Director of Research and Development


Past Webinar
John Wilson
Abiotic Degradation Can Explain the Rate Constant for Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Ethylenes at Three Study Sites

Dr. John Wilson

Principal Scientist

Scissortail Environmental Solutions, LLC.

Past Webinar
Developing the next generation of MIC detection and monitoring technologies

Dr. Sven Lahme

Past Webinar
The 4 B’s: The Basic “Bugology” of Biodegradation and Bioremediation

Dr. Michael Hyman

Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

North Carolina State University

Past Webinar
Allonnia’s Nature Detectives At Work: Finding New Microbial Solutions For Oil Sands Process Water

Michaeline Albright, Ph.D.

Technical Project Manager


Past Webinar
MBT Game Changers: Taking apart the black box

Dora Taggart, Kate Clark and Sam Rosolina

Microbial Insights, Inc.

Past Webinar
3 Monstrous Microbes That Mimic Our Most Ghastly and Glorified Halloween Horrors

Tess Deyett, John Mitchell and Julie Grubaugh


Past Webinar
In Situ Biostimulation and Bioaugmentation of Chlorinated Solvents and 1,4-Dioxane

Laurie T. LaPat-Polasko, PhD, QEP

Vice President/National Director of Remediation

at Matrix New World Engineering