Microbial Insights invites you to sign up for one of our featured webinars. The professional webinars are typically hosted by one or more of our highly qualified staff and/or in conjunction with other industry related leaders. These presentations and discussions focus on a range of topics and place emphasis on application of the latest advances in diagnostic tools within the remediation industry. At these events you will likely find useful and practical information on almost all contaminants including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Below are links to register for upcoming webinars or to review past recorded webinars.  In order to review the past webinars, you will need QuickTime or another media player compatible for .mov files.

Future Webinar

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Details to come…

Past Webinar


CLU-IN Bioremediation-Expanding the Toolbox Session III-Emerging Opportunities

Sponsored by: NIEHS Superfund Research Program

Speakers include: Pedro Alvarez (Rice University), Ameen Razavi (Microvi Biotechnologies), and Dora Taggart (Microbial Insights)