For over three decades, Microbial Insights has been a leader in the industry, offering cutting edge technologies for the testing and analysis of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).

Our molecular microbiological methods (MMMs) provide more comprehensive characterization of microbial communities and more accurate quantification of MIC-associated microorganisms, giving you the crucial information needed to make informed decisions on threats from and mitigation of microbial corrosion.

ISSUE: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), the deterioration of materials by microorganisms or their activities, impacts nearly all industries and is responsible for an estimated 40% of internal corrosion.  It can take place in a wide range of environmental conditions from heavy industry, marine environments, and many more.

IMPACT: MIC results in loss of production, increased operations and maintenance expense, deterioration of equipment, and destruction of assets.

THREATS: Health + Safety + Environmental Consequences.

PATH TO RESOLUTION: Our superior microbial testing methods and data interpretation provide you with the detailed insight you need to make informed management decisions that can impact the performance of your business. Our MMMs provide comprehensive identification and accurate quantification of MIC-associated microorganisms and our expert interpretation is 100% unbiased. Microbial Insights does not sell treatment solutions. We provide the MMMs and reporting that help you make the most informed decisions for your assets, based on the best possible data and analysis.

Microbiologically Influenced corrosion



Explore Our Molecular MICROBiological METHODS (MMM) and Site Logic Services

Accurate Quantification of Specific MIC Associated Microorganisms Such as Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and Methanogens

Comprehensive Identification and Characterization of Microbial Communities

X-Ray Diffraction to Identify Crystalline Materials in Corrosion Solids

Innovative Tools for Microbial Sampling

Quantification of Total Biomass and Microbial Community Profiles

Proteomics Tools to Detect Proteins of Interest as a More Direct Measure of Activity

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