Microorganisms are nearly ubiquitous and can grow under even the most inhospitable conditions. If water is present, microorganisms can grow. Therefore, biocides are utilized in nearly every industry from oil and gas to pulp and paper to control microbial growth. In the oil and gas industry, biocides are used in essentially all facets from upstream to downstream.

ISSUE: Microbial growth and activity pose a myriad of problems including microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), biofouling, product deterioration and reservoir souring increasing both CAPEX and OPEX.

IMPACT: No single biocide is best for all systems at all times. Microbial populations adapt to conditions, nutrients, and biocides. Biocide effectiveness must be monitored and evaluated.

THREATS: Economic + Health + Safety + Environmental Consequences.

PATH TO RESOLUTION: Accurate quantification and comprehensive understanding of the microbial community give you the crucial information needed to select and evaluate the effectiveness of biocide treatments and protect assets. Our molecular microbiological methods (MMMs) provide more accurate quantification of key microorganisms like sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) than cultivation methods and more comprehensive identification of the microorganisms present. Our analysis is 100% unbiased. Microbial Insights does not sell biocides or other treatments. We provide the MMMs and reporting that help you make the most informed decisions, based on the best possible data and analysis.




Explore Our Molecular Microbiological methods (mmm’s) and Site Logic Services

Accurate Quantification of Total Bacteria and Specific Microorganisms such as Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and Methanogens

Characterization of Microbial Communities and Identification of the Microorganisms Present down to the Genus and even Species Level

X-Ray Diffraction to Identify Crystalline Materials in Corrosion Solids

Innovative Tools for Microbial Sampling

Quantification of Total Biomass and Microbial Community Profiles

Proteomics Tools to Detect Proteins of Interest as a More Direct Measure of Activity


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