Microbial Insights has been a trusted partner in the biofuels industry for almost three decades.  We have extensive expertise in molecular microbiology and offer highly accurate, cost-effective, and customizable molecular biological tools (MBTs) to provide the comprehensive data needed for biofuels research, development, scale-up, and production. 

ISSUE: Microorganisms are incredibly diverse and versatile thereby providing an array of opportunities for use in biofuel production. 

IMPACT: From fermentation in current biofuel production to advanced biofuels research, the processes depend on the presence and activity desired of target microorganisms and can be adversely impacted by contaminant microorganisms.

PATH TO RESOLUTION: Our molecular biological tools (MBTs) are commonly employed in biofuels research to detect microbial activity and play a vital role in the scale-up of developed cultures and biofuel production. MI’s expertise in MBTs makes us a great partner in the biofuels industry, providing you with the detailed biofuels remediation insight you need to make informed decisions.

There is a renewed emphasis on the development of alternative fuels due to the global energy crisis and the effects of the environmental pollution and greenhouse gases produced by the use of fossil fuels. These lower-emission alternative fuels would provide sustainable, renewable energy sources which could eventually replace fossil fuels as the primary source of energy. A list of alternative fuels that have been developed includes: Biodiesel, Electricity, Bio-butanol, Bio-ethanol, Hydrogen, Bio-methane, Propane, Dimethyl ether and Methanol. Out of these alternative fuels there are four biofuels that are considered as the most likely replacements for fossil fuels. They are methane, hydrogen, bio-ethanol, and bio-butanol. For diesel fuels, biodiesel is also being considered as an alternative.

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Quantification of Target Microorganisms or Functional Genes in Developed Cultures In collaboration with biofuels researchers, Microbial Insights can develop custom CENSUS qPCR assays to independently quantify specific target microorganisms or functional genes in biofuel production cultures.

Overall Community Profile and Identify Contaminant Microorganisms Use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to generate an overall profile of a biofuel production culture and to identify contaminant microbes if present. NGS results provide relative abundances of detected genera as % of total reads.



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