Microbial Insights Core Principles

Microbial Insights has been a leading biotechnology laboratory, offering microbial diagnostic solutions through innovative Molecular Biological Tools (MBTs). We operate based on the following five core principles:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Fosters environmentally sustainable and less invasive environmental remediation by providing clients accurate and actionable data.
  • Validates natural biodegradation for site remediation.
  • Protects ecosystem health – reduce carbon footprint.
  • Limits laboratory waste.
  • Values economic and social welfare.
  • Makes decisions based on long term consequences.

Asset Preservation

  • Provides accurate data on microbiologically influenced corrosion that inform corrective and preventative actions to:
      • reduce maintenance costs and extending life,
      • inform engineering strategies to prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion, and
      • lower catastrophic failure risk.

Cost Savings

  • Improves site management decisions.
  • Eliminates unnecessary site activities.
  • Optimizes remediation.
  • Extends the life of assets via evidence-based preventive and corrective actions.

Accurate and Actionable Data

  • Quantifies microorganisms and functional genes.
  • Characterizes microbial communities.
  • Provides proof of contaminant degradation (isotope analysis).
  • Assures data accuracy via:
      • laboratory audits,
      • inter-lab comparisons (competitors, academia, and national labs), and
      • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (qPCR analysis).

Innovation in Technology

  • Leads the translation of lab breakthroughs to field applications.
  • Researches and develops innovations, including through joint innovation projects, federal grants & private sector partnerships.
  • Explores MBT applications in diverse industries and markets.
  • Advances environmental site classification by continuing to amass data — expanding on Microbial Insights database from 30 years of field analyses — and apply advanced analytics.
  • Provides platforms (webinars, white papers, etc) for continuing education on new technologies, case studies, and expert analysis