U.S. Shipping Instructions

When shipping samples within the U.S., all samples collected for MBTs need to be shipped on ice (or blue ice) for next day delivery (see below for Saturday delivery instructions). If regular ice is used, the ice should be double bagged to ensure no sample contamination occurs. Please label each sample using a permanent marker and package securely to prevent spillage or breakage.

Key Points to Remember When Sending Samples

  • Always package samples securely to prevent breakage/spillage
  • Always include enough ice to keep samples around 4°C (especially during summer months)
  • Be sure to include a completed COC form with all the necessary information for both reporting & invoicing. If you are unsure of the analyses needed please contact us (customerservice@microbe.com)
  • Make sure all samples are labeled correctly and correspond with the COC form
  • We recommend that you do not send your shipments through DHL. We have clients who have experienced excessive shipping delays – please select an alternate carrier
  • Make sure if sending samples for Saturday delivery that they are sent through FedEx marked for Saturday delivery, and shipped to the FedEx location at Murdock Drive, Knoxville, TN not our business address
Samples should be shipped to:

Sample Custodian
Microbial Insights, Inc.
10515 Research Drive
Knoxville, TN  37932-2536


Saturday delivery of samples:

Coolers that are to be delivered on Saturday will be collected by a representative of MI from the FedEx Drop location. The shipping label must be marked under (6) Special Handling, check “Hold Saturday” and send to the address listed below. To ensure proper delivery please contact Microbial Insights by 4pm EST on Friday to notify us of the Saturday delivery and supply a tracking number and contact phone number to be reached on Saturday (as a precaution for any problems that may occur with delivery). It is also VITAL to clearly indicate our Lab name on the FedEx shipping label for Saturday deliveries!

Microbial Insights, Inc.
c/o FedEx Drop Location
10601 Murdock Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932
(The FedEx Drop location is open 9-4 EST on Saturday)


MI Sample Cancellation Policy

MI understands that on rare occasions our clients may want to cancel an order or individual samples. However, because samples are processed promptly upon receipt the following cancellation surcharges will apply. If cancellation is within 24 hours of sample receipt, there will be no charge. If cancellation is requested 24 hours up to three (3) working days, there will be a 50% surcharge to cover our processing to that point. After three (3) working days, the full charge will apply.


How to Pack a Cooler