Introducing Microbial Insights’ Bio-Extract™

Imagine sampling a contaminated groundwater site hours from the nearest shipping facility, or an asset on an offshore platform for corrosion risk assessment. For standard laboratory qPCR analysis those samples are collected, sometimes chemically preserved, placed on ice, and transported offsite so that they can be shipped to one of our worldwide locations as quickly as possible for DNA extraction. With Bio-Extract™ kits, you can now isolate the DNA in as many samples as you want while still in the field. The extracted DNA will be shipped back to MI for long-term storage so that weeks, or even months, later you will be able to decide which analyses to have performed on which samples based on your other sample parameters (VOC data, geochemistry, etc.).  Your sample integrity is protected.  Because the isolation process helps with immediate preservation, you can bulk the samples together and ship at the end of your sampling campaign rather than having to ship every single day. Fewer sample shipment means fewer shipping headaches, fewer preservation concerns, and lower costs.

Bio-Extract™ (patent pending) is the first reliable field DNA isolation method for environmental samples. It allows users to isolate DNA from samples during the sampling campaign. This has several benefits:

  1. Isolating DNA provides a more robust sample for shipment
  2. Isolated DNA is more preserved than a standard sample – this means better sample integrity, even during shipping delays
  3. Because isolating the DNA acts as a form of preservation, samples do not need to be shipped out every day in the way that standard samples do. This means only one trip to the shipping office at the end of the sampling campaign

How Bio-Extract™ works

Purchase Bio-Extract™ DNA Isolation Kits from Microbial Insights and we will send the kits along with the Bio-Flo™ filter and other sampling supplies.

  1. Sample waters using the Bio-Flo™ filters, as you normally would.
  2. Follow the easy instructions and use the Bio-Extract™ kits to either:
  • Isolate the DNA from samples while in the field
  • Isolate the DNA from multiple samples at a time at the end of the day

Each isolation process takes roughly 50 minutes for up to 6 samples at a time.

If using the FieldQuant™:

  1. Analyze the samples as soon as you wish. Very little DNA isolate is used for the FieldQuant™ analysis, keep the remaining volumes refrigerated or on ice until shipment.
  2. Ship the well-labelled remaining isolated DNA to Microbial Insights along with the rented equipment.
  3. Upon arrival at the lab, a necessary preservative will be added to all DNA samples. Samples will then be archived for potential future analysis.

If FieldQuant™ is not being used:

    1. Keep the isolated DNA refrigerated or on ice until shipment.
    2. Ship the labelled DNA isolates to a Microbial Insights laboratory on ice along with any tools, being sure to mark “Bio-Extract™” as the media on the accompanying COC.
    3. Upon arrival at the laboratory, a Microbial Insights staff member will add a preservative to the DNA isolates, process and analyze the samples per the COC, and archive the DNA to be used again for any additional analyses.

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