Our molecular microbiological methods (MMMs) provide more comprehensive characterization of microbial communities and more accurate quantification of key microorganisms like sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) than cultivation methods. Accurate quantification and comprehensive understanding of the microbial community give you the crucial information needed to evaluate souring and the effectiveness of control strategies.

ISSUE: Souring caused by sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) during secondary oil recovery reduces oil and gas quality, promotes corrosion, and can be a health and safety issue.

IMPACT: Reduced value and increased CAPEX and OPEX due to increased general corrosion risk and sulfide stress cracking (SSC) in production tubulars, risers, topside vessels and pipelines, selection of corrosion resistant alloys or pipeline linings, and increased H2S scavenger use. Some estimates suggest oilfield reservoir souring control may consume as much as one-third of typical production budgets.

THREATS: Economic + Health + Safety + Environmental Consequences.

PATH TO RESOLUTION: Strategies to combat reservoir souring can include biocides for overall microbial suppression or biocompetitive exclusion by nitrate or perchlorate addition. Our superior MMM and data interpretation provide you with the information you need to evaluate the effectiveness of souring and MIC control strategies. Our analysis is 100% unbiased. Microbial Insights does not sell biocides or other treatments. We provide the MMMs and reporting that help you make the most informed decisions, based on the best possible data and analysis.




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Accurate Quantification of Specific Microorganisms Responsible for Souring such as Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and or Combating Souring like Nitrate Reducing Bacteria

Characterization of Microbial Communities and Identification of Key Genera of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Heterotrophic- or Sulfur Oxidizing- Nitrate Reducing Bacteria

X-Ray Diffraction to Identify Crystalline Materials in Corrosion Solids

Innovative Tools for Microbial Sampling

Quantification of Total Biomass and Microbial Community Profiles

Proteomics Tools to Detect Proteins of Interest as a More Direct Measure of Activity


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