Microbial Insights is dedicated to educating kids in the art of science in a fun and hands-on environment. We hope you enjoy these fun science experiments with your own children, grandchildren, students or any young children that you may mentor. By cultivating an environment of curiosity the more likely children are to perform better in school and throughout their lifetime.

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Edible DNA

Kids Edible DNA Activity

Did you ever wonder if DNA is the blueprint for cells, what language is that blueprint written in? Learn how 4 basic components come together to write the instructions for all living things and enjoy a tasty dessert as a reward!

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Kids DNA Extraction Activity

Inside all living things the same basic building blocks are used to create everything from the most basic cells to the most complicated organisms. Learn how to extract and see these incredible structures in your own kitchen!

Make your own Cartesian Diver Toy and learn about why certain objects float and other don't!

Kids Density Activity

We all know that not all objects will float in water. But why is that? Try this fun MI Kids Density Activity and build your very own Cartesian Diver Toy and learn why certain objects float and other don’t!

Learning about science is fun with these two solubility activities.

Solubility Activity

Are permanent markers really permanent? Try this fun activity with your kids to expose them to science while they learn about what soluble means and find out if that sharpie spot on your shirt can actually be dissolved!

Magnetism experiment for children that are aged PreK

Magnetism Experiment

Magnets are cool! Depending on how you use them, magnets will either be drawn irresistibly toward one another or repel one another, because of their poles. Get creative with two super fun experiments!

Enjoy learning about the all important water cycle with your kids.

The Water Cycle Activity

Learn about water, one of the earth’s most important resources, and the wonders of the water cycle, with these fun hands-on activities that you can do at home with your kids. Science and math can be fun!

The Marbled Milk experiment is a fun way to learn about environmental remediation, particularly at sites where oil spills have occurred.

Marbled Milk Experiment

Oil and water don’t mix right? Not always! This experiment shows how these two opposites can mix together using something called an emulsifier, and also teach us about cleaning up the environment.