The MI Process

Getting Started with Microbial Insights

We are delighted to serve as your preferred laboratory for molecular analysis.
No matter where you stand in your process, MI can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the microbiology related to your project and provide actionable data to help guide you toward your desired outcome.

Process Points


Environmental Remediation

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Site Characterization

Use tools like QuantArray© to assess the potential for bioremediation at your site by quantifying key organisms and gene targets related to your contaminant of concern. Learn More

Evaluating Amendments

Use our In Situ Microcosms to compare different amendments directly – at your site, in your wells, in the actual groundwater you are planning to treat. Learn More


Use tools like CENSUS© qPCR or QuantArray© to continue tracking the organisms that are degrading the contaminants in situ. Learn More

Site Closure

Use tools like Stable Isotope Probing to prove that contaminant degradation is actively occurring and achieve site closure. Learn More

Microbially Influenced Corrosion

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Identify Potential for MIC

Use methods like QuantArray©-MIC to identify what threats may be present in your systems Learn More

Evaluate Biocides

Use tools like CENSUS© qPCR to track the response of key organisms during biocide evaluation tests. Learn More

Monitor for Threats

Use tools Next Generation Sequencing to evaluate the overall microbial and archaeal community shifts over time. Learn More

Microbial Source Tracking

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Assess Water Quality

Use our qPCR MST analysis alongside standard water quality testing to identify threats to human health. .Learn More

Identify Fecal Contamination

Our analyses can be used as a forensics tool to track the source of fecal contamination to certain types of animals or to humans. Learn More


Continue to employ qPCR MST targets alongside routine water testing to ensure problems are being addressed. Learn More

Step 1. Pick your toolset

Our Quick Reference Tool can help break down which Molecular Biological Tools (MBTs) are applicable for your industry or problem. Use this Quick Reference to aid in project planning, to identify the ideal MBTs for different stages of your strategy, and to learn the different ways that our analyses will bring value to your work.

For guidance specific to your current needs, our  Project Success team can walk you through the most cost-effective tool or combination of tools to accomplish your goals.

Step 2. Ordering sampling supplies

When you’re ready to move forward with your sampling event, place an order for free supplies via our website HERE or by contacting our  Customer Service Team.  Supplies are shipped according to your schedule, and our team will handle organizing those supplies based on the number of samples and types of analyses requested – you won’t need to provide any additional information.

Step 3. Sampling event

While sampling events are handled by your staff, Microbial Insights provides detailed protocols to ensure that you receive quality results.  Guidance is provided for both the Sample Collection and Return Shipping.  These protocols ensure that anyone following their instructions can be confident that their sample will provide reliable, actionable data.

Step 4. Reporting

Reports and any associated data will be delivered to you via email, hard copy, or both, depending on your needs.

To help you plan how best to incorporate your Microbiological Data into your project schedule, please see the below table for Reporting Turnaround Times.

CENSUS7-10 Days
QuantArray-Chlor10-14 Days
QuantArray-Petro10-14 DAys
QuantArray-NSZD10-14 Days
QuantArray-BGC21 Days
QuantArray-MIC21 Days
Next Generation Sequencing30-45 Days
Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis20-30 Dayss
Stable Isotope Probing45-60 Days
In-Situ Microcosms45-60 Days
Abiotic Panel25-30 Days
Acidity14 Days
Magnetic Susceptibillity5-7 Days

Step 5. Microbial Insights Database

The MI Database database is free of charge and accessible to all clients who use our qPCR-based services. Use this unequaled database to add additional context and insights to your results.  Access is granted as soon as data is populated for your first project and remains accessible indefinitely at no additional cost.